March 05, 2012

Love me Breakfast!

If you're a religious reader of Deelicious Sweets (as you should be) then you all know that I love me breakfast!

I'm sharing only two breakfasts that I had last week.  The first one a frozen gluten free waffle from Kinnikinnick - say that 3 times fast.  Hell, say it once!  I of course toasted it and put a dollop of Almond Butter in between the two and on top and covered it in strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, and raspberries.  Perfection!  And, it stuck to my ribs pretty good as well.

The second breakfast was French Toast.  It's similar to the one I linked only without the blueberry compote and I used a Ciabatta roll instead of sourdough.  It's my favorite french toast recipe evah!

I also like to buy myself fresh flowers!

For more breakfast ideas, check out my Recipage Breakfast link!

Do you love yourself some breakfast?  Do you buy yourself fresh flowers?

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  1. I loooooooove breakfast! Lately I've just been sticking to a single egg, scrambled with ham, chopped vidalia onions, and american cheese. Not as much as I'd like to have for breakfast, but my funds and my jeans are tight, so the one egg will have to do. I'd love to buy myself some flowers, too! I love flowers, and inherrited a pretty good knack for arranging them from my Grandma (she was the president of the Rose Society of Missouri). But alas, pretty flowers are also on the list of "unnecessary expenditures." Someday, though, I'll buy flowers for myself every week or so, so I always have them in the house! :)

    1. How cool is that that your Grandma was president of the Rose Society! What a great inheritance :)

  2. These are definitely a breakfast lovers breakfast! I was already lusting after the French toast and now those waffles - WOW!

  3. A gluten free waffle? That's pretty impressive. I must say that I love breakfast too!

  4. I'm usually a yogurt and fruit breakfast girl. But you've got me thinking. Both the waffles and the french toast look really delicious. But I'm up for trying the french toast because I've never had it on ciabatta bread before (I'm not a huge sour dough fan). Looking forward to trying these one weekend! : )

  5. Helllooooo Breakfast! Both dishes look amazing! Bravo! If I had a breakfast like that every morning, I'd be a happy happy man!

  6. Right now, if I could stack those waffles with the french toast, smother it in syrup and butter - I'd be one happy camper! That first photo is driving me nuts! OH, I love to buy myself flowers too..I think I will tomorrow ;)

  7. Nothing better than this!!!! Who would not like to have such a mouth-watering breakfast :)

  8. Hi Dee!

    Your waffles look great, so great that I would love to have them now, even though I just had lunch. there is always space for waffles.

    I never bought flowers before except in pots maybe. surely gives a freshness to the house. =)

  9. I do love me some breakfast, just not usually at breakfast time...

  10. You know what I am thinking now? Breakfast in bed...;-)
    This looks absolutely delicious!


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