January 18, 2012

Random Thoughts

There's a utility worker in my neck of the woods who wears this white cowboy hat.  This is Missouri.  The only time I ever see anyone wearing a cowboy hat around these here parts is when I look at myself in the mirror before I go to the pool during the summer.  Yet, there he is, in the middle of winter, proudly donning his cowboy hat.  My hats off to him!

What do you think about Paula Deen's admission to having diabetes - Three. Years. Later? This woman is a public figure who is well liked and looked up to.  She had the opportunity to change people's lives for the better.  Does the choice she made lower your opinion of her in any way?  Here's a great write up in regard to her choice.

Did you sign the petition to stop a crazy bill that could put our blogs, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. in jeapordy?


  1. Signed the petition! thanks for making it easy and to the forefront. What do I think about Paula Deen waiting 3 years to go public? I didn't read the write up, but here are my thought on this. Because I too suffer from chronic illnesses that effect my life in many ways, I know that people handle chronic conditions such as diabetes quite differently. Some people take a long time to accept it first of all, then once it is accepted, if they choose to beat it, they need to make a lot of lifestyle changes. Until a person feels comfortable with his or her disease, it's hard to go public with it.  I can't imagine what a public figure has to go through to make the decision to go public with a disease which can be  a very private thing for many of us. Just my thoughts. :)

  2. Jeff Rasmussen10.2.12

    Canadian's can't sign the petition :( 

    And good article on Paula Deen! It's unfortunate that it's a perfect opportunity to help turn things around in terms of diet. Moderation, as most bloggers know, is really the key. It's too bad she cam't just change that. And taking a pull instead of just eating correctly is disappointing. Good thoughts!

  3. Anonymous17.2.12

    I read the article about Paula Deen from another source. While we all love the public persona, there is a savvy business person behind the laughter and smiles we all see. Her son is launching his own cooking show about healthy eating and her delay in disclosing her condition was purely monetary. She was supporting her son, which is admirable. But I think the danger lies, not in when and why she disclosed her condition, but in the public putting a normal and fallible human being, with faults like the rest of us, up on a pedestal. She drinks, she smokes like a chimney (her words, not mine), and she likes comfort foods. Nothing wrong with that. We just need to remember to look at her as a person and not an icon that is idolozed. (Thanks for the info regarding SOPA. There is so much more to that bill than meets the eye. We must all stay diligent and educated. Thanks for doing your part.)

  4. JC Marc17.2.12

    I accidently posted as Anonymous - I am JC Marc


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