December 05, 2011

'Tis the Season Blog Hop

This is a blog hop but not your typical blog hop.  In the spirit of the holidays we are going to play this a little bit differently.  Instead of linking up your own personal blog I am asking that you link up someone else's blog.

'Tis the Season Blog Hop Rules
  1. If you happen across a fantastic sweet post on someone else's blog, link it up!  Share the love of giving a little linky love!
  2. In the "Title" section put the name of the recipe and the blog it came from.
  3. Let them know that you linked them up.
  4. Have fun! 


  1. Great link up!  Those look so good.  Thanks for sharing, MJ!

  2. Thanks for the great link up! Happy Birthday :)

  3. What a fantastic idea!  I've been saving lots of sweet goody recipes so I'll have to go back and add one to your hop.  See you again soon. :)


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