December 13, 2011

A Life in General Post

My son got a haircut this weekend and on the way home he was very upset with his haircut because it was shorter than he had anticipated.  I asked him what was bothering him so much about it.  He replied that the kids at school were going to call him gay for getting a new haircut.  Sure enough, he went to school yesterday and he told me that around 15 kids told him he was gay for having short hair.  One of his responses to these hateful idiots was, "My hair looks just like yours.  Does that make you gay, too?"

Unfortunately, I don't think these kids realize that by calling someone gay is hurting their "friends" feelings.  They don't realize that one of their "friends" is scared to death to go to school looking different from the last time they saw him.  Luke was able to stand up for himself, this time.  Let's hope he is just as strong the next time something about him changes.  What about the kids who aren't strong enough?  I dread to think of how they may handle a situation like that.

I'm guessing that these hateful kids have parents, grandparents, guardians, whatever the case may be who are more than likely close-minded, hateful people and their children are listening to what they are saying at home.  Do these parents feel it's not important to teach their children that people are different and it's okay to be different?  

Kids are mean.  I try to raise my children to be as open as I am about people.  No matter their color, race, sexual orientation, religion...  I would never want my child to be the one calling another child names because he or she was different from the way they are.  Every single one of those people who are "different" has feelings just like we do, they have moms and dads and sisters and brothers who love them.  They put their pants on the same way you do.  They eat the things you eat.  They sleep, they drink, they drive, they get sick, they love, they hate, they feel!

So the next time you look at someone and see their differences, don't judge them.  Open your heart and your mind and you may find yourself a new friend!


  1. It's too bad that in this day and age being called"gay" is still considered an insult.

    Making fun of somebody for who they are is absolutely unacceptable. Of course, physical and mental challenges are off limits. It is difficult however not to want to tell an idiot that they're stupid. Kudos to your son for making an intelligent point.

  2. He stood up for himself.  When he got home from school he was pretty proud of himself and he liked his hair!  Thanks for asking :)  Happy holidays!

  3. Wow!  I can't believe he would get comments like that for a hair cut!  When did kids get so mean!  My son is 6, and I am trying to teach him complete acceptance of everyone.  I wonder at what age this will really become a problem.  I do not look forward to it!

  4. Kim Bee10.2.12

    Oh sweetie I just read this. I am so sorry. I hate when people use the word gay like it's a bad thing. I have a family member that is so it puts a whole new spin on the word. It's just mean and cruel to use it that way. I am so sorry your son got mistreated. I swear most kids learn from their folks. Just go on fb to see how many adults use gay and fat as everyday digs. Geez I was on pinterest the other day and was horrified to see mean pinning from a fellow blogger. It's so out of hand. The world is not a nice place but there are still nice people. If you need to vent let me know. Mine are 18 and 23 so I've seen a lot in that time.

  5. This is certainly mean behavior on the kids part but I wouldn't assume that their parents taught them to be mean... you are underestimating the power of peer pressure. It only takes 1 "cool" kid to be mean and a whole bunch follow... or they also risk being picked on or bullied. Most of the time, the only time a kid says anything is if they are the victim. Anyway, I don't know the answer... I know that bullying is really bad in schools now and some schools don't do enough to combat it. Some parents don't support school efforts to combat it either. I'm glad your son was able to stand up for himself... I hope he remembers what it felt like so he can stand up for someone else later on. :)

  6. I think the same thing when my daughtet comes home complaining about mean kids..she is only 7 and it always makes me think about the people raising these kids..
    Your son should be really proud of himself for standing up to them

  7. I'm so sorry to hear your son had to go through that.  Kids are really quite cruel, and they seem to be getting worse nowadays.  How's your son doing now?  I hope things are going better for him.

    Take care,
    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  8. One of the best blog posts that I have read in awhile... Thank you so much for writing this. It may not just be things at home, but also what these kids see on tv or in movies. It's sad that kids (and adults) can behave in such a way... Thanks again for posting!

  9. I can't believe how bad bullying has gotten and to see it can occur over something as simple as a haircut! Just not right! As an older person I can think of some good comebacks like "thank you", but that would be very hard for kid to say. It could backfire. It's so much easier as an adult to handle stuff like this. I really feel for your son. I hope he is doing better today and is bouncing back from it all.

  10. Amen to that! {{Sending a hug}}

  11. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love.10.2.12

    You couldn't have said this any better! I agree 100%. Kids are so mean these days and bullying has become such a major issue.


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