November 11, 2011

Week to Week

Hello there my lovely friends!  This has been a crazy two weeks.  My yoga instructor had to go to a teacher training in Colorado leaving behind her studio to little 'ole moi!  Which meant I had to teach every one of her classes - Monday - Thursday - 2 classes a day + Friday - 1 class + Saturday - 1 class = 12 classes.  She doesn't get back until Tuesday.  It's been nothing but yoga, yoga, yoga over here!

If you're looking for me today I can be found over at Kim's blog Losing it Like a Lunatic.  I'm guest posting for her Fitness Friday and I'm talking about, yep, you guessed it, YOGA!

Some of you may already know Kim.  She's the loony behind Cravings of a Lunatic.  If you haven't visited Cravings of a Lunatic, what are you waiting for?   This girl can make a pizza - starting from the dough - that will knock you freaking socks off!  I speak from experience here, I've made it.  It's fabulous!  If you're looking for healthier bites, then you need to run over and check out her Losing it Like a Lunatic where she shares her daily struggles with eating better and leading a healthier lifestyle.  She is one of my dearest blogger friends.  You could say we were BBFF's - Best Blogger Friends Forever!  She can make you laugh every time you visit her.  She truly is a down to earth kind of gal that you would totally hang with.  I only wish that we lived closer.  She's in Canada and I'm here in Missouri which makes for a great distance!  We need passports to visit each other!

In sweeter news, I did a guest post for Laura Jeanne at A Healthy Jalapeno on Tuesday.  You may remember that she guest posted for me that same day with her fabulous Autumn Fruit Salad.  Not only will you want to run over to A Healthy Jalapeno to check out my guest post, Laura Jeanne has a surprise waiting over there for you!  She hit 1,000 fans on Facebook last night and she's having a giveaway to celebrate!  A year subscription to Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine!  If you missed both posts - shame on you!  Run over and check them out.  Well, what are you still doing here?  I said GO!


  1. When I started blogging I had no idea how many dear friends that I would meet.  I'll check out your bff's right away.  I missed yoga this week so I'll have to make up for it this weekend.

  2. Tina@flourtrader10.2.12

    Blogger friends can be the best kind of friends to have!   I am very glad to know kim, her wonderful personality does shine through in her blog. The other blogger you mentioned is new to me.  Anyhow, I do some yoga in my exercise routine and I believe it is a must to keep you limber.  Have a good weekend! 

  3. That would be nerve-racking to teach online.  I don't know if I would have the guts to do it.  7 people make me nervous, I couldn't imagine the "whole world"!

  4. I'm a little behind on my blog reading these days. And then I see your post in my inbox. With a photo of you standing on your head. And I think: a lot can happen when you don't visit someone for a week. 

  5. Aw, Dee you are going to make me blush! I am so happy to have you over at the site. You are an inspiration to me. And the best BBFF a girl could have. So happy you agreed to do this cuz let's be honest here, looking at you in yoga gear= *whistles loudly*, looking at me in yoga gear= *loud booing*!

  6. Earlier this year I was going to yoga once or twice a week. I miss yoga! 

  7. Jennifer Ferris10.2.12

    And your posts always make me smile, Dee!

  8. I would love to go to your class even though I am a beginner. Maybe one day you could teach us online!! Just an idea. Have a lovely weekend :)

  9. Jennifer @ Mother Thyme10.2.12

    Your picture is inspiring me to get back in to Yoga. :)    Definitely check out your guest post!  :)


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