June 06, 2011

Lack of Post's Excuse!

My front door that I painted "Spice" from Behr.  I love her!

I apologize for the lack of posts lately.  I have been very busy in my garden.  Mulching, planting, etc, etc...

Hope you are all doing well :)

~ Enjoy!


  1. Awesome post! It's really helpful for me. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. @Meatloaf, thanks! Glad to know it was helpful :)

  3. All sorts of good stuff growing there ... I fully understand when we get a non raining weekend (can you believe we're saying that in California) we are doing the same. Hope you had fun planting :)

  4. I wish we would get some rain! Earth is in need of some consistent weather. Come on Mother Nature, what is her deal? I think she needs some chocolate!


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