June 06, 2011

Kitchen Makeover...DIY

Not only has the garden kept me busy I also took on a DIY kitchen makeover!  I am just a little excited about this makeover!  I was introduced to Giani Countertop Paint by a friend of mine.  I went over to her house and could have sworn she got new granite countertops and it turned out she had just painted them with Giani!  Oh. My. God!  Who knew?  I ordered mine right away on Amazon (free shipping) and waited.  I may have been impatient during the wait.  What can I say?  I have my downfalls.  I'm not perfect.  Well, most of the time I am.

In case you are wondering.  I ordered the Sicilian Sand.  But, I added some of my own colors.  I picked up a sample of Martha Stewart's "Creve Coeur", I had a Behr sample of "Copper" and I used a little of my wall paint MAB "Summer Sage".  It wasn't very hard to do at all.  It was super fun.  The best thing about it is, when I get tired of this color, I can do it again!  Oh won't my hubby be thrilled!

Without further ado, here are the before and after!

Before - Bayou Volcanic Formica counter tops.  The 90's called, they wanted their counter tops back!
1st. stage - Painters tape and primer
More painters tape and primer

Close up of the finish

Goodbye Bayou Volcanic!  We had a good run!
~ Enjoy!


  1. wow your kitchen is beautiful and spacious! love that little island in the middle :)

  2. Thanks Junia! I couldn't live without my island!

  3. Wow! You did that yourself? Ever considered the contracting business :)

  4. Hi Chris! Yep, all by myself! My dad is in the contracting business. He has taught me a lot!

  5. whoa I like the new one. looks more classy =)

  6. Anonymous7.6.11

    lovely change

  7. Whoa! You did all yourself! I'm shocked! Such a great job Dee!

  8. This is beautiful. I may have to try this out myself. I have the original counters from the '70's. Love your appliance. We have similar ones, love the stove to bits.

  9. Thanks everyone!

  10. Nice kitchen... good job. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow!  You did an AMAZING job!  I love, Love, LOVE your stove!  I wish we had gas!  Honey Bunny and I have bounced the idea of sinking a tank just for cooking, but we always manage to talk ourselves out of it..but I SO want gas!


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