April 18, 2011

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

My personal Gardener!
Our garden the kiddo's built last year for their homeschool science project.
Basil, tomatoes, zucchini, dill, green pepper, sweet peppers, strawberries, and rosemary
Remember the post about the bunnies?  Hopefully this will take care of that little problem!
Here lies our beloved little Hamster, Bolt.  Read about her passing on Natalie's blog.


These are the cushions I made for our patio furniture as our old one's were pretty ratty.
Petunias, Dahlias, and one French Marigold
Sweet sweet Petunia's.  My favorite :)
Cherry tree blooms
~ Enjoy!


  1. You have a beautiful backyard and I love "Welcome to Our Farm" sign! You are such a good mom doing this with your kids!

  2. Anonymous19.4.11

    Amazing pics Dee..and your little gardner is so cute :)

  3. What a cute gardener you have - and isn't she doing a great job! Great photos.

    Are the bunnies still causing havoc?

  4. Thanks :)

    Hester, we just planted those last night. We are keeping our eye on that part of the yard to be sure they are working. Fingers crossed! If they work, I will plant more. They smell like skunks, blah! Will keep you all posted :)

  5. Beautiful! I spent this weekend planting all my lovely herbs. Even found chervil, my fave, at Rogers.

  6. Awww I love your photos! I can't wait till this weather gets warmer so we can enjoy the outdoors, too! It's 41 degrees today...blah!

  7. Thanks!

    Diana, I have never had chervil. What do you use it in?

    @Diethood, I'm so sorry :( I'm thankful I don't live wherever you are!

  8. Lovely photos...and gardener! I'm with Diethood-it was 40 degrees here too! Can't wait for warmer temperatures but I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through your photos!

  9. Lol, thanks Sarah! I'll try to post more sunshine pictures :)

  10. These pictures are amazing! I wish I had the motivation to garden! Well done!! :)

  11. Thanks Melissa! I don't always have the motivation to go to the grocery store so the motivation to "grow my own" is much more appealing to me :)


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