March 27, 2011

Springtime in St. Louis

Oh, Woe - Spring Snow!

A difficult thing
is snow in the Spring.
Especially after some warm days of sun.
It's not very nice 
to see snow and ice.
It looks like Sping's lost, while Winter has won!

But we do not fear;
this happens each year.
The flowers will make it, the birds will still sing.
A few days of frost does not mean all's lost-
It won't stop the rush of the oncoming Spring!

Pictures taken by my friend Kristin
Thank you for capturing the beauty of yesterday's snowfall!


  1. Oh the joys of spring snow :) When I lived in Colorado we would have snow storms in the middle of May...going from flip flops to snow boots is so very hard. Lovely pictures!

  2. Thanks Sarah! It really was so beautiful that it didn't feel right to complain about it. However, I'm so glad we don't have snow in May!


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