July 12, 2010


My mama is in town.....WOOT!  Today, we went on a shopping excursion!  Shopping excursions always require a stop at Olive Garden for lunch.  The Italian Margarita's with the orange sugar on the rim are ever so delightful!  I should have taken a picture....damn.  I was too excited when I got it to even think of taking a picture.  Our shopping excursion included a stop at World Market.  I have never been to a World Market it was everything I had imagined it to be.  There were way to many things to look at in one trip.  We also stopped in Micheals Craft Store to meddle around and take in the aromas.  I just love the way a craft store smells, don't you?

Here's a picture of some of the items I acquired on our shopping excursion.....

Aren't these colors fun?  I plan on crocheting a big bag like this one:  Isn't is just absolutely adorable, delightful and yummy!

Check out the food domes in the back!  I am ever so excited about this find.  This was a World Market find and they are so perfect for camping and dining alfreso on the porch.  They have a screen that pulls up around the plate to keep the critters at bay!  A couple of magazines were bought at the grocery store to entertain me when I don't feel like doing anything.  Finally, I need to take a better picture of them but Natalie went with my mom over the weekend to Pier One when we took Luke to Summer camp and she bought me this little surprise!  They are measuring cups in the shape of elephants!  She also picked out an alligator cheese grater for me which you can only see his tail in this picture.

Natalie got a bird house at Michaels and took it home and wanted to paint it immediately!  I must say, she did an awesome job!  She even put moss all around it.  She did some research to find out how to attract birds to her house.  Looks like a trip to Home Depot is in store for us tomorrow - we need a bird feeder....

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