June 22, 2010


This little squirrel sits outside on the back porch all of the time....  I think he is taunting the cats!

I taught Natalie how to make friendship bracelets.  Her and I were organizing DMC floss that we got from my moms house and found one of my friendship bracelets that I had made when I was young(er).  She was intrigued and wanted to make one for herself.  We just so happened to also find some DMC that I had tied together when I was younger for a future friendship bracelet and I taught her how to make her own with it.

The kids and I went to breakfast at the Crooked tree in Historic St. Charles this morning.  Luke has a cell phone no matter where he goes and he is always taking pictures.  Which, is awesome because he always somehow captures things I don't see.  Lately, he has been taking snapshots of lot's and lot's of flowers.  I think he is determined to make his own photo paper for cards.  Let me share some of his snapshots just from today!
I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

P.S. Luke wants me to let you know that if you want, you can use his pictures if you like them for photo paper!

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