June 17, 2010

Happy List

Last week I was pondering on things that make me happy.  Whether it be smells, things I read, you name it.  You know, that moment you're sitting there and you realize that whatever it is you are doing makes you happy.  So, I decided I would like to compile a list of those happy moments.  I will update this list periodically as there are moments that I realize something I am doing is making me happy that I never realized before.  This list is in no particular order because that would be impossible.  Update 6/18
  • Spring - I love watching the tree's and grass start to turn green and my flowers start to poke their little heads up out of the ground.  The whole world around you seems to turn VERY VERY green
  • Fall - I love the smell of fall.  To me it smells like burning pumpkins.  I love all of the colors of fall, they make me feel cozy
  • Waking up earlier than everyone else and sitting in peace with my coffee
  • Sleeping in - which I like way better than waking up early so the waking up earlier than everyone rarely happens
  • Spending one on one time with my kiddo's - Last night (6/17) after L's piano lessons, L wanted a snow cone so I stopped (which I hardly ever do) and he treated me to a snow-cone!  He even tipped the girl!
  • The smell of ground coffee
  • The smell of the bookstore - sometimes, I go in there just to jaunt around and take in the aroma's
  • The smell of Michaels craft store
  • Snuggling on the couch with my family and watching a good movie or show - which is almost every night
  • Uninterrupted sewing, crafting, computer, video game, reading time - oh so rare
  • Summer storms
  • Bedtime - when we put the kids to bed and my hubby and I can watch whatever we want, be it Penn and Teller or a good movie
  • Gardening, the smell of the dirt, the mulch and the plants aroma's they let go when you touch them - especially tomato and mum's
  • The smell of Petunia's on a hot muggy night
  • Enjoying my hubby's company or the company of friends on the back porch with a good bottle of wine
  • Crusty bread and cheese
  • Beer - Sam Adams, Guinness (if poured right), Boulevard, Blue Moon, Shlafly.....are you getting it?  There is no Bud Light, Budweiser listed here.  I like dark, wheaty, heavy beers with floaties
  • A clean house - my sanity lies within a clean house
  • Attic24 - This woman's blog makes me so happy.  I love all of her colorful photographs and projects that she submerges herself into.  I think her and I would make very good friends

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