June 21, 2010

Father's Day Celebration(s)

This is Natalie's car she made for her daddy
"Father's Day was really fun.  We got to go swimming, fireworks, watched a movie, ate Chinese food, rode the motor scooter, we did flips in the pool with daddy, ate outside, rode in the jeep with the top off, gave daddy his father's day cards" - Natalie

All in all, Father's Day was awesome!  The kids made their daddy cards.

 It reads - "I couldint have anything better than the hole world than you <3 I Love you"
"The most important in the world is you.  Your more important than the sun and our houss."
"for the best daddy ever! <3  Natalie"

 Handmade with Love <3"

 This is Luke's card

It reads - "Happy Fathers Day!  From: Luke" Boy's really do know how to express themselves, huh?  LOL

This is the card I made for my dad

If you only knew the trips we have been on, this would make much more sense to you.  I won't even go into the detail about the forms of transportation he has come up with.  The most memorable being the old bread van that he transformed into a "RV" of sorts!

This was the card I created for Donovan's dad.

 Busy, busy!

 This was Luke's first time making a card using our card making stuff.  He really liked the photo paper.  Every time he see's a photo now, he comments that it would make a good background for a card.

Natalie is busy slicing strawberries up for the gooey butter cake we had last weekend.  We had to celebrate Father's Day with Donovan's dad a weekend early.  Gooey Butter cake is his favorite and I had no idea.  What luck I purchased a Gooey Butter cake for dessert!  It was from Manino's market in Cottellville.  They just started selling them and it's the best Gooey Butter cake I have ever had!  Add sliced strawberries and some more powdered sugar to pretty it up and it's oh so yummy for your tummy!

The End!

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