June 04, 2010

Chain Gang

Memorial Day weekend was awesome!  My parents came home to visit and I wish they could have stayed longer :(  While they were home, my mom taught me how to crochet.  My mom is the master crocheter!  She can whip up a blanket on a road trip to Florida and be finished by the time we get there.  Trust me, I have seen her do it!  So, I chose to do a scarf as my first project.  So, my holiday weekend consisted of bar-b-que'ing and laying out at the pool crocheting my scarf.

So, let's see if I can give you any important details in case you want to make your own:

I double crocheted, 23 in a row.  I used a 10 1/2 crochet hook.  The yarn was Loops & Threads Charisma in the color - 18 Sunny Day.  For the fringe I used the same brand of yarn in the color - 7 Dk. Blue.  I put 7 of those on.  That was very fun to do and it was very meditating at the same time.

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