February 09, 2009

War or Peace?

War is a touchy subject. Since the beginning of time humans have been violent, at war, murderous and blood thirsty. Sure, humans are always speaking out about peace on earth etc, yet very few people have little clue about how to go about it. As Eleanor Roosevelt said "It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work for it." It seems safe to say that most options we have tried thus far have been unsuccessful. I would think it would be fair enough to say that while we all have the heart to say we can solve our problems without violence, our minds are not wired that way. Unless we venture on into science and come up with solutions for our biological, behavioral and environmental problems to prevent aggression in children; so in time they do not grow up to turn in to criminals and terrorists. We will be losing our fight against violence. Take a look for instance at the anti-war protesters. Often times, their rallies turn violent! I guess they feel it's OK to be violent if it's against Americans and not terrorists? If a hippie can't even go to a peace rally and keep the peace, why would we think that these martyrs and so called "heroes" have the sense to keep the peace? So, in the end, while peace is a nice concept to think about, I highly doubt it's possible. It's like they say "He who has the bigger gun 'keeps the peace'."

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