March 09, 2008

Golds Gym

I am psyched! We just got back from vacation in Florida. The hotel had a full length mirror, needless to say, I joined Golds Gym when I got back home. I always think about buying a full length mirror, I was reminded on this vacation why I don't have one. Ya see, it's not a weight issue, it's a sculpting issue. A cookie here and a cupcake there and Tammi Lee Webb at home just wasn't cutting it. Swimsuit season is coming and I aim to be ready for it this year. Now that I'm back where it's cold and gray and miserable, I need to get my butt outside and out of this house. So I will go outside to drive my car to the gym, that's as far as I go with this stinkin weather. I can't wait to feel the pain of a real gym workout. I go tomorrow for my first training session (learn how to use the equipment and get those body fat measurements) I will post those tomorrow, just so I can track my progress. Gotta see if the gym membership is worth it.

Current body fat - 25.5% / Goal - 18%
Weight - 143
Neck - 12.5
Chest - 32.75
Waist - 26
Hips - 38
Thigh - 21
Bicep - 9.75
Calf - 12

4 weeks with 12 1/2 hour personal training sessions with my Gold's Gym personal trainer Matt

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